7 tips to protect your hair during the summer


Summer is synonymous with freedom, adventure and relaxation in the sun. But just like your skin, your hair needs a lot of protection against the sun and the ‘hair pressures’ of summer. Here are some tips to keep in mind during the hottest months of the summer.



1. Keep your colour natural.

Summer is the perfect opportunity to let the colour of your hair express itself freely. The sun, heat, salt and other elements are already quite aggressive for the hair. Why add a colouring service as well? Even if you do, the colour will fade and oxidise in the sun regardless. Why not test the natural until autumn.



2. Create a protective shield before sunbathing.


Elements such as heat, the sea, the pool, the beach are all aggressive and can have adverse consequences on your hair. In order to combat these negative effects you can adopt a simple process: before exposure, apply a care cream or UV protect conditioner without rinsing onto the mid-lengths and ends. Wrapping your hair in this nourishing and protective way, will help your hair to absorb less chlorine, salt and other nasties.


3. Clean carefully.

At the beach or at the pool, hair can look dirty and dry faster. Therefore you can clean them daily. It's a good thing on holiday, provided you use a mild shampoo, specially formulated to clean the hair of salt, chlorine and sand residues and protect them from your days on vacation. If your hair is coloured you can use a colour protect shampoo or one that is specially formulated for UV protection…just like your suncream for your skin.



4. Avoid over-exposing hair to heat.

It's already quite hot during the summer. Your hair does not need intense heat from your electrical styling tools during the holidays. The key is to limit your hairs exposure as much as you can from them. Try to let your hair dry naturally and this will significantly reduce seasonal damage.



5. Retain hydration.

Drought is the biggest problem of summer hair. In order to preserve your hair you need a lot of hydration. A good routine of moisturizing products gives you these benefits with a good mask and a conditioner without rinsing. Plus, wearing a hat will help you maintain the level of moisture your hair needs.


6. Hydrate yourself and take care of your health.

Health is essential to overall beauty and hair is no exception to this rule. To prevent the lengths from getting too dry in the summer, drink plenty of water and add more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet. As well oily fish is high in omega fatty acids, and this makes your hair glossy. Therefore a healthy and hydrated body will have a visibly positive impact on your hair.




7. Treat yourself to a night treatment.

The long and hot summer days negatively impact your hair. The night is an excellent opportunity to repair and restore its vitality. Apply a nourishing care cream without rinsing on the hair before bedtime, emphasizing on dry and unruly areas. When you wake up, you will find your hair lovely, shiny and nourished.



Remember hair can burn too (like your skin) you just don’t feel it so take care!


Have a beautiful August


Emma xxx