5 completely wrong myths about hair on holiday


There are many myths around the maintenance of your hair and more so in the summer months. Your hair requires specific treatment during this hot and dynamic season. Therefore I will help you clarify some common misconceptions about the right things to do so that you can have radiant hair throughout ALL of summer.



Myth 1: Do not wash your hair every day.

This is one of the most common misconceptions as it is generally recommended not to wash your hair everyday, however in summer washing our hair every day can help. The summer period often rhymes with travel, activities, salt and chlorine, so many aggressive things that can attack your hair. This is why it is important to look after your hair by cleaning it daily of these impurities. The key is to use the right products during the summer, products that will gently remove residues associated with these summer aggressions and provide sun protection, so that the hair does not dry out or break.


Myth 2: Unruly hair can be tamed in the summer by wetting it.

It seems to make sense. Unruly hair is dry in the summer, and wet it would moisturize it, right? No. The water creates even more frizz and attacks the hair. A good anti-frizz hair mask or a rinse-free skincare cream, formulated specifically for the summer, are the only effective answers to smooth hair and control frizz. Or if you want to go with that ‘beachy’ wave look…why not try some good old fashioned salt spray!


Myth 3: Hair does not grow in summer.


In reality it is rather the opposite. In cold weather, blood flow is diverted to "vital" internal organs, which slows hair growth. In hot weather, the skin has a greater circulation on the surface, which stimulates the follicles and increases the growth of the hair. The hair actually grows 10-15% faster in the summer.



Myth 4: Using conditioners in the summer makes hair greasy.

Conditioner is an essential treatment to keep your hair beautiful during the summer. Hair tends to become more dry due to exposure to external factors: heat, chlorine, salt and sand. The cuticle of the hair becomes fragile, making the hair fibre vulnerable and broken. Nourishing products such as hair masks and a care cream without rinsing can be essential to maintaining the health of the your hair on holiday. 

Myth 5: Do not use hair oil during the summer.

Applying hair oil is actually essential to nourish the hair. It can neutralise the factors that attack the hair such as heat and the sun. The oil envelopes the hair and creates a protective shield, therefore avoiding the absorption of salt and chlorine when you are on the beach and enjoying the sunshine. Hair oil is your friend all year around, so don’t think it is not during summer!


Happy Holidays

Emma xx