wedding: how to choose your bridal hair?


Hair-up or loose, bun or bohemian, half-up hairstyle ... the choices are endless! During the preparation of your wedding, the question of your hairstyle can be stressful when you don’t know what you want.




The first thing to show when you meet with your hairstylist is your wedding dress. Thanks to that imagine, they will be able to see the clearer picture of the bride, her style, the spirit of wedding, (if it is more bohemian or classic), the materials, the neckline in the back or the front... Basically, it gives a lot of useful information of the future bride and her wedding. It is important to create a harmonious balance, between the hair, dress, make-up and accessories, and the dress sets that off.




The second thing that is important is the daily routine or style of the future bride. This includes whether she likes having her hair up or not. It is important to understand if she feels comfortable with hair tied up or loose hair. Then I would ask her if she has any specific desires, such as braids, curls etc. Then I can tell her if I think it will be possible or not, and explain why I do not recommend if that is the case.



 Of course, the type of hair counts a lot when choosing the final hairstyle. For me as a pro, I will be able to see if the hair can hold a whole day up and wavy for example. If the hair is very thin and the bride wants waves, it will not hold. A half-up style, can be a good alternative, and may suit the hair type better. Then of course, and for all hair types, it is necessary to ‘prep’ the hair correctly with the appropriate products so that they hair can hold throughout the day.



From the beginning of the trial, I can make some quick tests in front of the mirror to immediately have an idea of what corresponds to the future bride. For example, what works with their face shape and type of hair that they have. Then the fun part can start, by playing around with the hair and seeing what we like or don’t like. That is the whole point of the trial, and therefore there will be no hair-related stress on the day. Then the bride needs to see if she feels comfortable with the look or not




In addition to the dress and the style of the wedding, the location is also important to take into consideration. If for example the ceremony takes place in a hot destination in the middle of August, I strongly advise to do a hair-up hairstyle because the bride is going to be very hot and sweaty. The hair can quickly become frizzy in the heat and humidity, and it would be a shame to be embarrassed by your hair on your special day.




Lastly it is not always easy to find the right balance between your bridal style while also feeling like yourself. Do not be afraid to try a new hairstyle, but just stay in the theme of your wedding, otherwise we will regret it. For this, you must find the right hairstylist with who you feel comfortable with. When you go along to a trial, go with plenty of ideas, images of the dress, any accessories you want to wear and a friend/bridesmaid/mom can be useful too!


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Emma xx