Perfecting the perfect wave is essential, as it is always a favourite ‘look’ of the moment. It is perfectly suited to medium and long hair lengths, and requires a certain technique to master the proper movement and the ideal shape. Here is my advice and professional tips.




Fine hair is difficult in maintaining volume, especially here in Paris with its hard water issue as well. Therefore having a wave in fine hair helps create volume, while keeping the sides effortless, soft and natural.



* Step 1: To help protect your fine hair, I would apply a heat protective spray quickly on the mid-lengths and ends.

* Step 2: I discovered through trial and error on my fine hair, that the key was to have perfectly disentangled hair and to make straight sections. I therefore divide my hair into two layers: from ear to ear horizontally into two parts.

* Step 3: I have always used my Babyliss hairwand or a GHD styler for a stronger hold. Firstly I start with the lower section. I take a smaller section of hair (the smaller the section the tighter the wave) and I wrap the hair around the wand, making sure the ends are tucked in nicely.

* Step 4: I continue with the lower section and eventually work my way up to the top section, until all the hair has been curled.

* Step 5: When all the hair is curled, leave your hair too cool down before touched your hair or applying anymore product.

There are then plenty of different products you can style with afterwards: hairspray for hold, sea salt spray for texture or hair powder to crease your hair.



Thick hair can be mid-length or long but has a lot of mass! Depending on how thick your hair is, it can be best for your hair to be blown-out first to make it into a nice smooth base to start from.



* Step 1: First of all, you have to have your hair perfectly dry.

* Step 2: Split your hair in half horizontally (as with fine hair) or if you have particularly thick hair it can be split horizontally into 3 sections. Then take a section of hair from the bottom and wave them around my iron. You do not need to do every section but only some to give the wave and movement to your hair. Otherwise you might find that you have too much volume!

* Step 3: Then continue upwards. When you reach the front, I would take smaller sections to create a tighter wave around the front to frame your face and hold the volume of your hair. Again use sea salt spray to give a little texture and straighten out the curls if it has gone too curly, or a powder to hold and crease the wave.




What type of equipment do I recommend?

You can make a wave using a flat iron or curling iron OR wand.


Should we have clean hair or, on the contrary, wait for the next day after the shampoo?

It can be done on clean hair but it may slip depending on your hair type. The movement is generally better the day after the shampoo, but you should not have used the straightener the day before as well!


Should we use a conditioner before?

You can put a light conditioner on the day before. The more flexible your hair is the better. On overly smooth hair, you can apply a styling aid to help such as hairspray. This will ‘dirty’ the lengths a little and make it easier to handle and manage.


What is the hand ‘gesture’ to make a curl?

When working with a straightener, you must make a turn and down with the iron and not up, to keep a natural movement.

With a curling iron, you first make a twist with the fingers, then wind it in the iron and let go. In general,  do it from the back to the front, taking not too thick sections. Be careful, if you heat a section of hair and the movement is not suitable, you must first wait for the hair to cool before starting again.

It is not necessary to make the ‘gesture’ by going right up to the root at the back of the head, but on the other hand, on your front locks, yes!


How to make it last all day?

Put your preferred styling aid on before and after, and you have to heat your hair for the movement to hold. If the hair is stiff, it will probably be necessary to retouch, but it can hold also the next day.


Why is it important to call a professional to make a wave on your wedding day?

To make sure you have beautiful movement well drawn out from root to tip, and especially for it to last the entire day. Also they will help to highlight the desired shape and hairstyle. From here you can leave your hair down for a beautiful relaxed bridal look or with the same technique it is easier for the hair to be styled up.



But remember, most importantly, practice makes perfect!


Emma xx