What hair colour to choose in winter?

As winter is upon us and with the difference in brightness, the most popular colours in summer can become dull, bland and washed out…so I believe it is best to visit your expert hair stylist to combat those winter blues with your hair.    

What type of colour to adopt?

The colour of winter rhymes with softness and warmth. So it is the warm reflections, such as honeys, copper, caramels or gold, which will achieve softness and warmth. Indeed, these reflections have the power to bring relief to the cut and warm the colour. Therefore winter is not really conducive to big contrasts and cold reflections. Unless you are going for an icy trendy blonde.

For brunettes:

In the winter, brunettes need to bring something warmer to attract light into their hair. You could just try doing a ‘touch’ of colour or a few lowlights that will bring a lot of depth, brightness and texture to your hair.

For blondes:

As for blondes, they should not change according to summer or winter. They must remain themselves, because a sweep will bring them light in all cases: "A blonde is bright and already full of reflections, there is no prohibition". Whether icy or golden.

For coppery / redheads:

As winter approaches, I suggest staying on a soft red, which draws in caramel, paired with hints of honey throughout to create a warm cozy colour for the winter months. Copper is a colour that requires the greatest maintenance. It is a very sensitive colour, which is fades very quickly. Each wash should be done with a shampoo for coloured hair or a copper pigmented shampoo, otherwise the red turns yellow very quickly and will become very bland.

How will the colour evolve?

This is the problem, with the absence of sun and light in winter, colour does not change much.

A blonde, in summer, clears naturally but in winter it will not be the case, so it will feel to be darker. In order to fight against this, I recommend to maintain your colour a little more regularly. So the light around the face will always be present, even as we are in the thick of winter. However, this requires maintenance and especially the use of specific shampoo: a shampoo with blue / purple pigments to intensify the cold glare or golden pigments / vanilla for the warmer reflections. This will allow the hair to keep all its brightness and blonde loveliness.

For a brunette, it's the opposite. The colour oxidizes less with the absence of sun and the hair is more protected thn in the summer months. The maintenance of brunette hair will be more spaced out, every 1 and a half months  / 2 months instead of 1 month in summer, IF of course, there is no need to cover any roots! Regarding the specific care for brunettes, the use of a shampoo for coloured hair is essential in both summer and winter. If the colour has any specific reflects, you can always try a shampoo based on pigments suitable for your colour. Therefore your reflects will be even brighter!

From a more general point of view, whether you are blonde, brown or red, I would recommend extra care with a hair mask is necessary to not just take care of your colour ,but for the general condition of your hair. So take advantage of your hair oils, whether coconut, olive, sesame, argan … whatever you fancy!

How to illuminate your complexion in winter?

Like the contouring for the face, the contouring for the hair exists as well. The idea is to bring lightness and freshness around your face with highlights /lowlights  in different shades. If you would like some further advise come and see me at Sequence Paris for your personalised hair consultation, so I can assess your complexion, your cut, the length of the hair ... and make you look fabulous for the cold months ahead.